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Office Printer Common Problems

There are several times when you need an urgent print regarding your work and your printer runs out of ink or the paper get stuck instead of coming out. In a hectic office routine, the printer problems can really get on your nerves.
Foremost thing is to choose the right printer based on your needs. Although printers are great when they work but when they don’t, it can be extremely frustrating. There is a need to fix these problems to have an efficiently running working environment. Among many reasons because of which your printer won’t work properly, some of the problems are listed below.

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Ink Exhausted
You are in a hurry to submit a report to your boss and bam! The printer ran out of ink again. When the ink level is low, your printer sends you a notification which you should always consider. If you have a business that prints a lot of documents, you must not take risk of leaving the issues after getting a notification. Order new ink toner cartridges as soon as the message appears that your cartridge level is low. Good printers or photocopiers tell’s you what ink colours are low or totally exhausted. Ink colours are usually black, magenta, cyan and yellow. It depends on your budget. You can stock up on all of the toner cartridges that your printer uses or get them as you go. See Toner Cartridge Refill Process for a Laser Printer.

Paper Jams
You hear the sound of the printer as if it’s about to print a document, but no document comes out. Instead with a small investigation, you see the paper stuck. This is one of the most common printer problem which might happen due to several reasons. And instead of just taking out the stucked crumpled paper, try looking for the reason that is causing the issue. One of the problems could be that old paper absorbs moisture, which makes it stick and result in paper jams. So, it’s better to keep them in the bag or wrapping that it came from until they are needed. Moreover, make sure that the paper is of the right size and is aligned and loaded properly.

Poor Printing Quality
Big office laser printers are the common printers used in offices. Printing quality depends on the type of paper, printer setting, amount of ink left etc. If your settings are set on draft mode, change it to a higher quality mode. This will help you in getting a good quality printed document. For this, its necessary to choose the right paper as well with the selection of right type of paper on the configuration or settings menu. Moreover, make sure that the ink in the toner cartridge is still liquid and flowing. Because when a printer is not used for days, this also depends on the printers environment, the ink in the cartridge sometimes settles down. A good shake can return your ink toner to flowing again resulting in a good quality print.

Printer is Slow
The simplest way to increase your printer’s performance is to reduce the print quality. Changing it to draft mode or lower resolution can increase the printing speed but if you want a good quality print then you would have to show a little patience. Moreover, if you go for double sided print your printers speed can slow down. This is because it requires flipping each page to print on both sides. So, to have a faster print, choose to print on one side only.

Bottom Line
Printer problems are mostly simple to resolve with a little guidance or expertise but can be very aggravating. Fixing these office printer problems can help increase the productivity of employees by decreasing the frustration, ultimately helping your small business to grow faster.