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Comparison Between a Generic Toner Cartridge vs a Genuine Toner Cartridge

Almost every printer owner is constantly confronting is which cartridge to buy: original or generic? There are the supporters of both sides. Let’s try to figure out which cartridges are actually better, comparing the facts about original and compatible devices.

Generic Toner Cartridge
Generic Toner Cartridge

Types of cartridges
Original cartridges — produced by the printer manufacturer. Almost all companies strongly recommend using only the original cartridges. It guarantees the long service and high quality of prints. The cost of original materials is higher. However, their advantages cannot be underestimated — the manufacturer is responsible for quality, so the users have no cause for concern.

Licensed cartridges — manufactured under the printer manufacturer’s license. Not very common in the modern market as the companies have to purchase a license.

Compatible cartridges — produced by a third-party company using their own technologies and developments. Such cartridges are quite popular, therefore, the chances to get the low-quality device is big. The quality can be either identical to the original, or differ from it. Many users are attracted by the low price. However, remember that using them, you lose the guarantee.

Remanufactured cartridges — discarded devices but in good condition. In most cases, they are of low quality.

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Features of original cartridges
The first thing that many buyers highlight in original products is a high price. Indeed, the cost of original cartridges is significantly higher — on average, 50-60%. And since you need to buy them regularly, users have a reasonable desire to save money.

However, paying the higher price for the original cartridges, the user gets not just a product of better quality, but also additional guarantees. The vast majority of well-known companies invest huge amounts of money in the development, testing and mass production of both the hardware itself and all consumables to it.

All products undergo a strict control, so almost zero original consumables are defective. Many manufacturers provide special cleaning functions to avoid failures.

Using the original cartridge, you get the best quality of prints. There will be no need for frequent preventive hardware maintenance.
In addition, printer manufacturers provide a guarantee for their consumables and perform warranty repair of office equipment only when the original cartridges are used.

Using generic toner cartridges
If you still decide to save your money on original cartridges, be ready for some consequences. In particular, any printer failure will not be considered a warranty case.

Among the main potential failures, the service center masters highlight the clogging of OPC drum. In addition, you will be able to print much fewer documents — up to 1.5-2 times. It is important to note that the toner save function is able to work correctly only with original consumables.

Ultimately, by making a simple calculation and dividing the cost of a compatible cartridge by the number of copies obtained with it, in most cases you will get a disappointing result. The cost of such a copy will be no less than the cost of a print obtained with the help of original materials.

If you use your printer professionally, the original cartridges may be a better solution for you as they provide the prints of professional level. When you are going to print mostly the text documents, then it is likely that the best way for you is to purchase a compatible cartridge.