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A Laser Printer Step by Step Working Process

Previously there was no concept of printers and photocopy machines but guess what? Now, it is that time of the world where you can even write with a beam of light. Yes, you read it right, a laser copying your data from your computer to a piece of paper is now possible and this process is carried out by laser printers.

The first laser printer was actually a modified photocopier so yes you can say that there isn’t much difference between a photocopy machine and a laser printer. Both these machines have almost the same mechanism.

Laser printer workings

Benefits Of A Laser Printer
If you are wondering why one would use a laser printer over a much cheaper inkjet printer then you need to stick with us a little longer because we are going to give you some justifications for that;

1-You get to enjoy superior quality
Unlike the inkjet printers, the laser printer is famous and well known for the superior quality of prints that it provides. You might not know this but a toner powder is used inside a laser printer but when it comes to an inkjet printer, we all know that there is ink used in them. Now, the best benefit of using a laser printer is that you get finer quality results no matter if it’s a document that you are printing or a image. It will just be perfect. See The Toner Cartridge Refill Process.

2-It’s fast
Inkjet printers print documents and text in a step by step method using the print head but when it comes to a laser printer, you just need to wait for a few minutes to print a 100 documents. In short, laser printers are way faster than any other printer.

3-They are cost effective
The initial set up cost of a laser printer can be a bit heavy on your budget but if you calculate all the other expenses such as the maintenance, the cartridges and all that then you will see that yes, laser printers are quite cost effective as compared to the inkjet printers.

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The Mechanism Of A Laser Printer

Here is a step by step procedure that will tell you how a laser printer basically works;

  1. When you select a document to print on your computer, your computer then sends an electronic stream of data which consists of millions of characters. This stream is then sent straight to your printer.
  2. Then a special electronic circuit that is already present in the laser printer figures out and identifies how the data needs to be printed correctly on the paper.
  3. After the circuit identifies a way to print the data on the page, the corona wire then gets activated and it is responsible for giving a static electric charge.
  4. The corona wire then charges up the photoreceptor drum and the drum then starts spreading the data uniformly on its surface.
  5. After this the laser beam then starts drawing the image of the page on the drum and everything gets scanned on the drum in a uniformed way.What actually happens is that when that laser beam hits the drum, it creates both positive and negative charges and when the paper is being printed, the positive charges go to the white part of the page and the negative charges go to that part of the page which needs to be black (printed)
  6. The ink roller then coats itself with the toner powder by touching the photoreceptor drum. Only the negative charges of the ink roller then get attracted towards the drum and a proper inked image then builds up on the surface of the drum.
  7. The paper on the inside of the printer then starts to move towards that drum and then the image gets transferred to the paper.
  8. The inked paper then passes by the fuser unit where both pressure and heat permanently absorb the toner particles into the fiber of the paper.
  9. The printout then automatically comes out of the printer from the side.

This is how a laser printer works. So, if you own a business where there is a lot of printing required then we suggest you to shift from inkjet printers to laser printers because again, a laser printer can save you from a lot of printing cost, it’s faster and above everything it’s amazing in terms of quality.