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Refill Process of Laser Printer Cartridges with Toners

I’m going to use xerox toners as an example, because we use the same brand of office printer in our work place. These article is also good for other brand of toners. So here we go. Are you running out of money? You don’t really need to buy another toner. To refill a cartridge is very easy and cheap. You will need to investigate a little about the type of toner powder and the compatibility it has with your cartridge. You can find it online. Search for original copier cartridges from fuji xerox.

how to refill a laser printer toner cartridge

Finding the perfect way to refill your toner
There are different kinds of toner. You have to look for the one that is compatible with your printer. If you don’t use the proper toner you can damage your printer. When you find it, you can go to the other step.

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Organising your workspace
If you get a stain of ink toner in your clothes you will not easily recover them. Also, if you get it on your skin, it is going to take at least one or two days before it disappears. You have to make sure you wear clothes that you don’t care if it get’s stained and also rubber gloves on your hands. Also: protect the floor. Paper towels of newspaper will be fine.

Let’s do it

  1. Make sure everything is alright with the cartridge: check if it has a hole or is damaged
  2. Locate the holding tank: it is the place where you will put the toner powder. If it doesn’t have one is because probably you will need to make the fill hole with a burn tool. Make sure you follow the instructions to details of the process.
  3. Funnel cap of the toner: you have to screw it and tilt the toner down slowly to assure that the powder is coming out of the bottle.
  4. Fill the hole: place the funnel cap into the fill hole and refill the cartridge until it’s full
  5. Reseal it: you have to reinsert the plastic that covers the hole. If you have created the fill hole you have to reseal it with aluminum tape following the instructions provided.
  6. Shake it: after the cartridge is filled, you have to slightly shake it from side to side to assure the distribution of the toner powder in all the inside.

What happens next?
Usually after you follow this steps everything is done. You just have to try the newly refilled cartridge by printing some document. If it doesn’t work you have to check if it needs a smart chip replacement. Not all the cartridges need it but some of them cannot work without it.

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Extend the life of your cartridges

The more you maintain your cartridge, the more it is going to last:

  1. Keep the printer in draft or economy mode
  2. Keep the printer off if you’re not using it.
  3. Print in black or white unless you really need to use colour
  4. Use the printer: keeping the printer active from 3 to 4 times per week is good because the cartridges can get clogged if you don’t use it for a long time.
  5. Shake the cartridge if the low toner waring message appears.

Take care of your cartridges and you will save money.


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